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GONE RESIDENCY is a non-profit artist-in-residence program based in the Funk Zone Arts District in Santa Barbara, California. The residency has it's home at GONE GALLERY, which for a decade has been at the forefront of avante-garde, experimental art in Santa Barbara.

GONE RESIDENCY is an organization dedicated to developing an environment where artists of any medium, means, or identity can push their artistic practice in new directions, and benefit from engaging with and challenging the Santa Barbara community.

GONE RESIDENCY is committed to artistic freedom and experimentation. Our goal is to select artists from around the world who embody in their attitude and work the principles of freedom, experiment, art activism, outliers, and a commitment to reinvention, repurpose, and intellectual risk-taking.

GONE RESIDENCY conducts bi-annual residencies each Spring and Fall at GONE GALLERY in Santa Barbara, Ca. Events and exhibitions conducted during the residency, including open studio visits, artist talks, demos, group and single-artist shows and other events will be free to the general public.  

For inquiries, or to apply, please contact Gone Residency

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Supporting GONE RESIDENCY is simple: Donate HERE 

We are committed to developing an open and transparent relationship with our financial partners at whatever level they choose to support. If you like the idea of GONE RESIDENCY and want to discuss more about the organization and it’s programming, please send us an email to and we will be happy to start the dialogue. 

Any size donation will be processed as a tax deductible donation through the umbrella organization Social Good. An annual spending report, including current press, curatorial documentation, and publications will be published twice a year.

If you would like to support GONE RESIDENCY by donating living space in your home or guest house, or in any other material way, GONE RESIDENCY will work to pair you with a compatible artist to enrich your experience as a supporter of the arts in Santa Barbara.

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