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Past Show: Delving Days - Skye Gwilliam: Image


New works by Skye Gwilliam
Le Galerie Bonniere
Saint Girons, France

Made in 2020 (with a single exception), this new body of work by Skye Gwilliam (b. 1981) gives a contemporary voice to an American-born painter living and working in France in a pandemic year. 

In DELVING DAYS, Gwilliam interprets the experience of moving back and forth from Paris to a small town in southern France called Saint Girons, near the Spanish border, through long months of pandemic lockdowns. Much like the Ojai community where he was born and raised by an artist and an architect, Saint Girons resonates with Gwilliam on a structural level. Gwilliam’s delicate sense of the fragility of humans-in-community comes from deep influences, rooted in experimental architecture and formal color explorations. Gwilliam’s work evokes a rare understanding of the anxieties of living as a stranger in a foreign-familiar setting.

Slated to open November 6, the newly instituted pandemic lockdowns in France have altered all plans.

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Past Show: Delving Days - Skye Gwilliam: Gallery
Past Show: Delving Days - Skye Gwilliam: Image
Past Show: Delving Days - Skye Gwilliam: Video
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