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SKYE GWILLIAM is a British-American painter, born 1981, the son of artist Charlene Broudy and architect Tony Gwilliam. He started painting at the age of 15 in Ojai, Ca, after suffering a loss of equilibrium and inner ear function, which limited his physical abilities. This experience altered his perception of his environment and the way he navigated through the world around him. Skye began traveling in search of subjects and new inspiration, first to Santa Barbara, then to Europe - eventually settling in France with his girlfriend and frequent collaborator, photographer and artist Dari Mos. He has produced work while living in Ojai and Santa Barbara, California, as well as in Paris, Annecy, and currently Saint Girons, France.

Gwilliam’s brushless, authentic manner of painting continues to confuse attempts to categorize his work - many would have it classified as a modern form of “Neo-cubism”. Skye himself resists categorization or affiliation with any “school.”

The careful viewer will notice a progression towards the unknown in the recurring themes omni-present in Skye’s work. The ephemeral and unexplained passage of human struggle on the earth is represented again and again in still-life, city-scape, and in the recurring figures he embeds in his compositions.

“Over the last 10 years I have given up the use of a brush to find a more direct relationship with the canvas...I work with oil paint on linen work is born out of a need to survive through creation, interpreting my experience and unique perception of the world around me. My goal is to achieve a direct expression of emotion in my work, capturing the feeling of a moment in time without the need for over-thought revisitation of the subject.”

-​Skye Gwilliam 

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